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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kinds Computer Operating System

Various Kinds Computer Operating Systemcomputer will only work if your computer has installed the operating system, we probably only heard of 2 or 3 major OS in the world such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS in fact there are several more that we do not know might never even tried it. Kerana so far we only recognize the Windows operating system with its windows series

I explained the following types of computer operating systems, including:
Mircorost Windows or the computer operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation that uses an interface with berbasikan GUI (Graphical User Interface) or bergrafis interface. when first introduced, the Windows operating system became the first graphics-based computer that Microsoft created and successfully took the hearts of computer users in the 80's
UNIX is a computer operating system created by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie, developed by AT & T Bell Labs. UNIX is a computer operating system that initiated the emergence of Linux dipentas operaso system. The creation of UNIX began when in 1965 the experts Labolatoris Bell Telephone (Bell Labs) belonging to AT & tT in collaboration with General Electric and the Mac Project of MIT to make the operating system called Multics.
Linux was originally just a kernel or heart of a computer operating system created by Linus Torvalds in 1991, initially just a terminal emulation required to access the UNIX servers at the university. Linux is the cloning of MINIX (One variant of UNIX), system tools and libraries usually come from the GNU Operating System
- IBM OS / 2
computer operating system IBM OS / 2 was created jointly by the International Bussiness Machines Corporation and Microsoft Corporation, for the purpose of use on IBM computers as a replacement for the DOS operating system. Said OS / 2 is the acronym for Operating System / 2, the operating system is designed to be fully capable of using Intel 80286 microprocessor, including the Protected Mode (Protected Mode), able to perform tasks simultaneously, and supports Virtual Memory, while maintaining compatibility with many MS-DOS software in circulation at that time
- FreeBSD

FreeBSD is a UNIX-type operating system computer-derived free UNIX AT & T. T through the branches of the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) is 386BSD and 4.4BSD operating system, FreeBSD running on Intel x86 systems. FreeBSD itself first appeared in 1993 by David Greenman. The goal of the FreeBSD is to provide software that can be used for various purposes. FreeBSD 386BSD itself was developed from a development project in BSD OS that runs on Intel chips

Solaris computer operating system is a computer operating system based on UNIX system that allowed by Sun Microsystems in 1992 as a supporter oada SunOS. Solaris is famous for its stability, especially on the system SPARC (Scalable Processor Architecture).
Google Chrome OS is a computer operating system designed by Google Inc.., Working exclusively with web applications. Google Chrome OS announced on July 7, 2009, and the stable version of Chrome was launched mid-year 2010.Google OS based on Linux and will only run on the hardware that is specially designed. 

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